Sunday, November 16, 2008

Here's Where We Are....

So many things have happened in the past 4 weeks so for those of you following us here you go :)

Here are some of the good things... 

My mom was in town a few weeks ago and she gave us her blessing and a sweet pink hooded towel.  YEAH - family on board..... check.

My husband's business transaction went through!!  So that is a huge load off of him.  YEAH!! So we are down to one business.  

I babysat for my neighbor's adorable little girl - she is 9 months old and just a precious angel!! I sang to her - read a book, fed her and then she slept for the rest of the afternoon.  That is the first time I have babysat a "baby" in many many years!  WOW do I have a lot to learn!!

A sweet gym friend of mine gave me a black plush dog w/ a pink bow from FAO nice of her!!

I have been going through RCIA (becoming Catholic).  My husband is Catholic and my brother and his wife and children in the past couple of years have all become Catholic.  I decided I wanted a new focus and desperately needed new friends and what a great place to meet people like myself.  It has been such a positive experience.  I look forward to every Tuesday night meeting and have met some incredible inspirational people and life long friends!!  

Baby fever has hit me like a ton of bricks!!  I never knew how this would affect me but it has.  It is all I think about.....I keep telling B.... 
"Ty you must get me a baby...I must have a baby Ty!!!!" quoted from Raising Arizona!!!!

We celebrated our 3 year anniversary!!!  It was so great - we watched our wedding video and ate popcorn!  It was a perfect night!!

An awesome friend of mine also from the gym who works in the child care center has been so positive about the adoption.  Always asking me how things are going - watching every video with me and looking at new families that are home.  The other day I shared the ADVENT CONSPIRACY video with her and she immediately said.....ok in lieu of any gifts I receive this year from parents I want to donate all of the money to charities.  So she and I wrote up a letter and printed a few paragraphs describing 2 charities that touched her heart.  She has already in the past few days had many parents asking what they can do.  Isn't that wonderful!!

And now for the not so good....

Well..... as everyone knows the economy is in severe trouble which hits home with us.  So because of this we are being extremely cautious and are extremely nervous about starting the adoption process.  

I had said that we would start the process once we received blessings from our families and once the business has sold.  Yes, both of those things have now happened but we are not able to start yet.  So the adoption is going to be on hold until things start looking up.  I am confident that we will adopt but only time will tell when we will actually start.  

I want to thank everyone that we have met during this process and thank everyone for the blessings and kindness that we have received.