Thursday, February 12, 2009

Last Blog Post until further notice...:(

Well dear bloggers this is going to be my last post being that we are on "pause"...who knows how long that will be?

I can blame it on finances, the housing market, my own house not selling, nervousness.. ......blah blah or I can just say we are not ready YET!!  So add all of those things up and you get to the point where we currently are - unable to pull the trigger, unable to make that leap, unable to take that first step...

Possible when we do sell our house, possible when our business gets better, possible if I land a new job...then we may start.  

I reflect on our timeline of last summer...last July 4th as being the day adoption came to us through an adorable little chinese girl.  The day that changed my life - shook my entire world...made me look at everything through different eyes.  If we had gone with our gut instincts we may have a referral already  - may be on our way to ET in a few months...may be closer to being parents.  

But we did not we chose to wait and so here we are 7 months closer to starting.

So for my last post I thank you for all of your positive comments and support and I hope that one day I am able to write that we have started the process.....until then.  God Bless!